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Thread: SAT Nav. Maps for pocket PC

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    Default SAT Nav. Maps for pocket PC

    Does anyone know where to get hold of GPS Software / Maps for a Pocket PC setup?

    We have the Tom Tom setup on our hand help (HP) Pocket PC, but cannot get hold of maps for New Zealand.

    Any alternate software package will be suitable....


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    I have Navman software on my PDA, and it is very good. It works with my bluetooth Navman GPS, not sure of compatability with other manufacturers.


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    Hello Debbie

    Not sure whether this is compatible :

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    Have a look at the following site.

    New Zealand Maps for Pocket PC


    The very latest high-detail street-level maps for New Zealand. These maps are sold on CD format and will need to be stored on your map storage card so your Navman GPS can read them.

    These maps also include SmartST™ 2005 navigation software.


    These street-level maps cover all navigable roads in New Zealand.

    Additional memory storage cards may be required to store regions. Please refer to map sizes above. To buy extra memory cards please

    SmartST™ 2005 Features:

    SmartST™ 2005 delivers many new and enhanced features including:
    • New Advanced address entry wizard and address search engine
    • New Optimised routing and guidance
    • New Navigate to 'Home' Option
    • New Improve Map imagery including:
    - Improved road icons and road signage
    - Displayed Railway Lines

    SmartST 2005 is compatible with the following Navman devices PiN 100, PiN 300, PiN 570, GPS 1000, 1400, 3000, 3100, 3300, 3400, 3450, 4410 and 4420.

    This software is also compatible with the following pocket PCs:

    HP iPaq - H1940, H1945, HX2110, H2210, H2212, H2215, H3950, H3970, H4150, H4155, H4350, H4355, H5100, H5450, H5455, H5550, H5555, HX2110.

    Acer - N10, N30.

    ASUS - MyPal A620BT.

    Dell - Axim 3.

    Fujitsu Pocket Loox - Loox 600 (Bluetooth), Loox 610 (Bluetooth).

    Mio - 168.

    Toshiba - E740 (Bluetooth), E750 (Bluetooth), E800.

    QTek / XDA - QTek 2020 with Navman Patch, XDA II with Navman Patch.

    If you are unsure about compatibility with your device please contact us for device before purchasing.

    Important Customer Information:

    You will require an IBM compatible PC running Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP (NT not supported), CD-ROM drive, USB port and internet connection required. An internet connection is also required to activate these maps using a map unlock key. Product unlock keys can only be used with one Navman GPS product and cannot be transferred to another unit. If you need to reset your unit for any reason your maps will still work with the unit they have been registered with. If you are having difficulty please click here to visit the Navman website > Choose 'Customer Support'. This will give you access our full product knowledge base and detailed FAQs section.

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