Just thought I would let everyone know about a slight problem with our shipment which the shippers (Crown) didn't warn us about and didn't even mention when they e-mailed to confirm it had cleared customs.

Dave bought a dagger in Saudi years ago, purely for ornamental purposes, but it is a bit wicked. I've just had a letter delivered by courier to say that the dagger has been confiscated by Customs as we didn't have a 'Police consent to import' for it ops: . Apparently we have a month to apply to the police and get a consent. Had to contact the Arms Officer at local police station. Feilding put me through to a guy in Palmerston North who said 'yes, this happens all the time'. Dave has to write a letter explaining his circumstances here, work, work permit etc. with a description of the dagger and the circumstances under which it was bought and that we would like to keep it. Then he has to make an appointment to see this guy and arrange the formalitites.

So for anybody else out there with any kind of weapon, even ornamental - get advice from your shippers first on how to apply for police consent. To be fair it wasn't mentioned when they came to do the quote and it would have been too late when they came to pack up. Although you would think they would know to check on anything you are sending that may need permits