I've just been on 'Babyworld' (saddo that I am - it's a UK site by the way), answering a thread about the new booster seat laws in the UK.

Someone on there who used to live in NZ has just posted the following to my post "Kate how have you found the car seat thing in NZ?

You know with the top tether and all?

I found it a nightmare to get a seat safely fitted and I was kind of relieved to come back to the UK where I believe that the seats for 4years + are a much higher standard"

I haven't a clue what she's talking about.

Does anyone out there know?

Have I been driving around illegally since I've been here?

Obviously, my baby (one year) is still in a baby car seat, dd2 (nearly 7) goes in a basic booster seat and dd1 (nearly 9) just uses a seat belt (she's very tall and could pass for 10 or 11).

I'm just in a bit of a panic about this now!

Anybody out there with kids know?