Hi All

just received blue stickers and offer on our house - what a week!!

OH and I have done a lot of reading on NZ and have decided that we'd like to emigrate to the Kapiti Coast but we are worried about whether there is enough employment opportunities there or whether we'll need to move closer to Wellie.

Any info from you folk living and working in this area would be really welcome.

OH is design / mechanical engineer and I'm an HR manager (plus two young kids requiring a nursery)

Also what sort of property can we expect for around 315k NZD? (we've been looking on the internet but would like the views of folk actually living there!!)

We're hoping to be there in Jan 07 (if the house sale goes ok) so it would be great to meet up with any expats in the area.

Any advice or sources of info would be gratefully received !!!


jo lois :