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Thread: Casual Employment contract

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    Default Casual Employment contract


    I replied to a job advertised recently and got an interview,

    things went well until it came to the contract, he says its a permanent position but the contract states casual employment, he said it was a get-out for both parties initially and to ignore it,ive been offerred the job but im not sure whether to acccept it because of the wording in the contract.

    I'm currently on a 4 week contract elsewhere so ive nothing to lose by taking the job as I don't have any other work lined up but I dont fancy being a casual employee forever.

    I'm thinking of asking him to give me a trial period which after completion will be a permanent post but on the other hand I dont want to miss out

    only other thing I can think of is that most contracts are set up this way over here?

    anyone had any similar experiences?



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    I don’t know the only thing I can say is, give it a go.

    IMHO I think it’s harder to get rid of a bad employee here, so the smaller employers are a little more careful, that may be all it is.

    I’ve found that although a little standoff’ish a NZ employer is much nicer to you than a UK one (once they get to know you)

    Had to say, I love the NZ pics, it’s so so nice to see some familiar places!


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