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Thread: Autistic specialist schools in NZ

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    Default Autistic specialist schools in NZ

    hi there, we are planning to move to NZ mid 2007 and are looking at Auckland purely because we are hoping there will be a good range of schools to choose from.

    We have a son who is slightly autistic, main problems being social, language (including reading and writing) and communications and we want to get him into a school who can really help.

    DH and I both feel the UK education system doesnt have the resources to help him, we are in a very good school but he is battling against extremely bright children and not getting anywhere (hence the move).

    I understand the schooling system in NZ is very social based which is going to be fantastic for him since its one of his problem areas.

    So I was wondering if anybody out there could recommend any schools to us, we were looking in Auckland but only because we felt there would be a better range of schools.

    However if there are any in other areas of the country we would be very interested.

    Please help us, we are a bit desperate to do the right thing and not make a mistake and despite going into all the right websites (TKI etc) and being in contact with the Ministry of Education nobody has actually recommended a particular school and the ERO reports dont seem to mention it.

    As I say he is only slightly autistic so we need a mainstream school who specialises in Autism or has a unit attached.

    Thanking you in advance!


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    Have you tried to contact the Austic Societies in NZ?

    I can't personally recommend a particular school, but I know lots of people who work in educational research, so can contact them for some additional info if you'd like?

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    I'd be interested in what you learn, being a speech therapist who has been lucky to work with many students with autism... Best of luck!

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