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Thread: How many days holiday do you get?

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    Default How many days holiday do you get?

    How many days holdiay do people get in NZ?
    My OH works in IT in the UK and is used to getting 29 with Bank holidays on top (luck him!).


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    The legal minimum annual-leave in New Zealand is currently three weeks, plus eleven days of public-holidays.

    But it will go up to four weeks as of April 1.

    Some places off a holiday increase depending on how many years of service you have.

    As far as I know public holidays (ie Bank Hols) are extra to the four weeks (they can be included in the total in UK)

    The eleven NZ public holidays are:

    New Year's Day
    Day after New Year's Day (why have one holiday when you can have too?)
    Waitiangi Day: Feb 6 (marks the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi)
    Anzac Day: April 25 (NZ's version of Rememberance Sunday)
    Good Friday
    Easter Monday
    Queen's Birthday: First Monday in June (yes a day off to mark Liz getting older)
    Labour Day: 4th Monday in Oct (marks the introduction of the 40-hour week)
    Christmas Day
    Boxing Day

    Each province also gets an Anniversay Day off - it varies depending on where in the country you are:

    Wellington is Jan 22
    Auckland is Jan 29
    Canterbury Dec 16
    Otago March 23
    Hawkes Bay Nov 1
    Taranaki March 31

    Has the full list for the next three years.

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    hi Fitchick

    It is currently around 15 working days plus Bank Holidays, although some firms give 20 working days + BH's.

    However, in April this year it will all be going up to 20 working days + BH's as in the UK.

    Although I believe some firms in the UK now grant 25 working days plus Bank Holidays. My old firm did this - after I left!

    Hope this helps.

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    thanks for the info Wiki - very useful, cheers

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    Thanks for replying so quickly everyone!
    The info is much appreciated

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    Also the majority of companies operate on an acrual basis with holiday - so you can't take the hols unless you've already worked & earnt them - OH had to work a year before he was able to take a substantial holiday...

    Some companies will let you take hols before you earn them but it isn't so easily accepted as in the UK where you get your annual leave allowance & you can take it whenever you like, whether you've acrued it or not.

    Also some companies have compulsory shut-downs at Xmas of 2 or 3 weeks. OH would have had to get special permission if he had wanted to go back to work before the 8th Jan & some companies were shut a week longer.

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    Just to add to what Sarah said about Xmas - if the company shuts down, then you HAVE to use your annual leave then.

    as an example - My office closed from Dec 22 to Jan 8. Since I'd only just started working there a month earlier, I didn't have any annual leave, so I took 3 days (Dec 27, 28, 29) leave "in advance", and arranged to go back to work on Jan 3.

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    i get 4 weeks and have the option to "buy" another one. plus 11 days BH, plus 3 days "christmas leave".

    on the flip side as other people have said i'll have to take almost 2 weeks of it over christmas.

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