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Thread: Tap dancing classes in Wellington

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    Default Tap dancing classes in Wellington

    Hi all

    Has anyone any experience of a tap dancing class for ADULTS in Wellington?

    Just watch Billy Eliott again (on my own as OH finds it too soppy) and thought what a great way to get some exercise again.

    OH has never done it so it would be a laugh if anything else.

    If you know of any evening classes, I have done a searched but word of mouth may get me somewhere that is not too stuffy about it.

    Did evening classes with my mum some years ago and they were talking about taking medals, not that serious.

    Or is there any other females our there dong Salsa or similiar in Wellington, I could join in with, not sure OH is up to that yet

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    I can't help you with tap/salsa classes but if you are interested in pole dancing classes, I found some info here:

    I have friends who have tried it and love it so I went looking online to see if something was on offer in NZ.

    A happy new year to all!

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    There's a couple listed at the above link, but I can't tell you any more about them than what's on there.

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    Not tap dancing sorry but if you want dance and excercise try Peeled Banana classes. Brilliant fun and she does evening classes too.

    I'll try and find her details if you are interested.

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