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Thread: Bunac ? (only just found out about it!)

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    Default Bunac ? (only just found out about it!)

    So here i am making plans to book flights, for my own DIY plan to come over to NZ in the summer and try find work and start a visa application from within, and see where fate takes me from there.

    And literally few days before i was about to book flights, i randomly stumble across this BUNAC scheme for working visas to NZ, id never knew it existed until right now.

    Now reason i suddenly so interested is that my original plans about 2years ago when i first decided i wanted to try a new life in NZ i had hoped to try out NZ with a working holiday of some sort until i discovered that i was too old ! the normal WHV has upper limit of 30. So i dismissed that outright and spent past 2 years trying to find time/way to get myself to NZ.

    Now i stumble across this "exchange Visa" program that has the upper limit of 35 and i am suddenly very interested.

    Has anyone experience of "bunac" or the IEP Visa at all? I am really considering it now i found it for following reasons:

    • Initial outlay of costs far far less
    • They offer help advice etc whilst in NZ
    • Cheap flights, first couple days Accom
    • Find you work / accom (albeit could be on farm etc but work)
    • I never even set foot in NZ, so 1year "trial" ideal before i decide to stay/emigrate
    • Entry funds into NZ says min of 500 when i will have some more than that
    • I could sort it out and be there in 2-3 months!

    But my main concerns if anyone knows the answers:

    • Can i do ANY work on this visa? (ie my trade still)
    • If i was to decide to stay and i found full-time work, can i still apply to stay (wtr or pr), on this student exchange program?
    • Will using this program and visa affect any future visas or residency applications?

    It really does seem to suit my current situation, although 33yrs old i live life like a student anyhow! From digs to digs etc, and tbh i was always planning to get into NZ using my trade, and maybe 2-3 years down line maybe changing career to a rural job in outdoors liike farming/forestry, so maybe some working holiday experience in some rural work could also suit me, although sure to earn more cash i would need to stick to my main trade (Electrician)

    I am all excited now, as if this Bunac program is all it claims to be, i could signup and get over to NZ in 2-3 mths and "try-out" my dream before i decide to go for PR etc, and as upper limit is 35 its a last chance for me to do a WHV.

    So if anyone can help or knows of this scheme i would appriecate there thoughts, and of course advice thoughts of everyone before i suddenly change my plans of 2yrs to try out this scheme.

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