House Prices in Auckland

Upmarket House, New Zealand
Upmarket House, New Zealand

Average House Prices for Selected Auckland House Types 2016 – 2019

Property Typemid 2019mid 2018mid 2017mid 2016
House with 5+ bedrooms$1,271,600$1,335,650$1,396,300$1,294,850
House with 3 – 4 bedrooms$890,950$911,450$922,850$876,850
House with 1 – 2 bedrooms$639,000$659,500$686,700$641,550

Market Analysis

The prices in the table above are average asking prices taken over a 3 month period, sourced by Trade Me Property.

This method uses an “80% truncated mean” of the expected sale price. This method excludes the upper and lower 10% of listings by price, and then averages the expected sale prices of the remaining properties.

Trade Me Property’s Aaron Clancy said “the average asking price in Auckland has fallen almost $71,000 from their peak in October 2018. “This is the fourth consecutive month that property prices have dipped in the Super City, after years of eye-watering price increases the heat has well and truly been taken out of the Auckland property market.”

According to the data from REINZ, the Auckland region median house price has remained unchanged in the last 12 months to July 2019 at $830,000.

Their July 2019 report noted that, “The number of properties sold in July increased 6.6% annually. Although new listings decreased by 2.5% year-on-year, volume of sales were positive this month in Manukau City (+18.5%), Papakura District (+19.8%), Waitakere City (+14.8%), and North Shore City (+7.2%) when compared to this time last year. Anecdotally, there were more first home buyers in the market this month who are looking to get on the property ladder.”

In Barfoot and Thompson’s August 2019 update their Auckland average sales price for the month, at $930,090, was marginally higher than July’s, and the median price, at $830,000 was also higher than the previous month.

Peter Thompson, Managing Director of Barfoot & Thompson said, “The Auckland housing market has emerged from the three months of winter in a stable position but it is one which needs more listings to revive lost momentum.”

He continued, “Trading in the three months of winter and in August followed the same steady pattern of last year. A pattern of modest sales numbers, prices at near record levels and new vendors hesitant to enter the market. Spring just may be the trigger required to revive the market.”

Average Sale Price in the Auckland Regions 2014 – 2018

Location12 months to Sept-1812 months to Sept-1712 months to Sept-1612 months to Sept-1512 months to Sept-14
Central Auckland$596,383$566,540$680,272$466,741$376,068
Central Suburbs$1,094,875$1,069,001$1,023,228$964,981$858,644
Eastern Suburbs$1,183,975$1,191,281$1,112,488$1,019,301$918,274
Franklin / Manukau Rural$692,790$817,263$722,699$626,182$575,084
North Shore $1,098,840$1,101,571$1,074,227$960,269$830,321
Pakuranga / Howick$1,078,966$1,099,961$1,041,581$920,661$897,658
South Auckland$721,035$740,995$694,880$591,557$493,197
West Auckland$779,174$789,190$778,652$683,457$562,512

The prices in the table above are average sale prices sourced by Barfoot and Thompson over 12 month periods.

Auckland house prices from 2012 – 2017 are tabled on this page.

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  1. No most auckland houses are stand alone 3 bedroom dwellings squeezed into someones backyard.

    There are allot of apartment options in the city centre, not much in the way of terraced houses

  2. Are most Auckland residences, apartments/flats, and what is the quality of them? By this I mean what size are they and what amenities and views do they have? Also what is the range of prices within each administrative region?

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