House Prices in Christchurch

Modern House, Christchurch
A Modern Bungalow, West Christchurch

Average House Prices in Christchurch’s Suburbs

LocationMay 2016May 2015May 2014May 2013May 2012
Christchurch – East$372,000$355,000$344,000$325,000$300,000
Christchurch – Hills$664,000$649,000$626,000$597,000$554,000
Christchurch – Central and North$578,000$556,000$535,000$492,000$441,000
Christchurch – Southwest$463,000$453,000$436,000$392,000$355,000
Christchurch – Banks Peninsula$504,000$485,000$456,000$502,000$433,000
Christchurch City$490,000$474,000$457,000$425,000$386,000

Market Analysis

The average property values sourced by Quotable Value Limited.

According to data from Quotable value, house values in Christchurch are continuing to rise at a steady rate.

QV Registered Valuer Damian Kennedy commented that, “The Christchurch market can be characterised as less speculative, and more realistic, than other faster moving markets around the country. We are seeing a slow and steady increase in values across the market and despite there being a shortage of listings on the market across all value ranges this does not seem to have led to upward pressure on value levels.”

Figures from Quotable Value (QV) show that the average property value for the whole of Christchurch in June 2016 was $491,148. The highest average values were achieved in the Christchurch Hills suburbs with valuations reaching over $663,000. The lowest average valuations were found in the Eastern suburbs reaching over $372,000.

According to data from REINZ, the median property sale price in May 2016 was $455,000.

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