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Weekly rents for unfurnished accommodation. Two / Three Bedroom Houses | University | Sunnyvale | Kew | Maori Hill | Glenleith | Musselburgh

Dunedin Weekly Rent For 2 Bedroom Houses – Unfurnished

Central Dunedin$326$360$387
Glenleith / Roslyn / Belleknowles$326$360$410
Kew / St Clair / St Kilda East$307$340$401
Musselburgh / Vauxhall / Peninsula$296$330$361
North Dunedin / Woodhaugh$303$325$380
North East Valley / Pinehill$302 $340$367
Ravenbourne / Mt Mera / Port Chalmers$260$305$350
South Dunedin / St Kilda$273$295$335
Sunnyvale / Abbotsford / Burnside$310$340$345
University / Maori Hill$352$360$450

Dunedin Weekly Rent For 3 Bedroom Houses – Unfurnished

Central Dunedin$360$415$455
Glenleith / Roslyn / Belleknowles$370$410$460
Kew / St Clair / St Kilda East$373$402$492
Musselburgh /Vauxhall / Peninsula$380$415 $455
North Dunedin / Woodhaugh$365$399$424
North East Valley / Pinehill$340$360$407
Ravenbourne / Mt Mera / Port Chalmers$320$350$375
South Dunedin / St Kilda$332$355$390
Sunnyvale / Abbotsford / Burnside$390$422$525
University / Maori Hill$400$450$588

The prices above were recorded during the six months to 31 January 2019.

Dunedin is a university city and the cost of accommodation in some areas will be affected by the large student population.

Figures from Trade Me Property for January 2019 showed that the average (median) rent for a three / four bedroomed property in New Zealand, excluding Auckland, was $480 per week and for a one / two bedroomed property was $350 per week.

From the selection displayed, the Tenancy Services Division figures show that in Dunedin one of the most expensive average rents for a two bedroomed house is in University / Maori Hill costing $360 per week. The cheapest is in Caversham costing $285 per week.

For a three bedroomed house in Dunedin the most expensive average rent is in University / Maori Hill costing $450 per week. The cheapest is in Ravenbourne / Mt Mera / Port Chalmers costing $350 per week.

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Notes and Definitions
• Cheaper: One-quarter of properties rent for less than this price.
• Average: This is the median price
• Dearer: One-quarter of properties rent for more than this price.
Properties are often let from January for 12 months, hence there is often an increase in rents at the beginning of the year. The data shows market rents for non-government owned properties for which Tenancy Services holds information. Any category that has less than five bonds lodged has been excluded, to prevent individual properties being identified. Data courtesy of the Tenancy Services Division of the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Housing.


  1. Shane Walker says

    I am currently living in Singapore and considering accepting a job offer in Dunedin. I will not be bringing any furniture with me and really don’t want to purchase a lot of furniture in Dunedin.
    Can you advise how difficult it is to rent a fullh furnished house?
    Regards Shane

  2. Hi thanks for providing this surface it is very helpful.
    I’m planning to go to Otago Uni in 2014 so wanting to flat near uni campus. I will have to rely on walking and busing my way around so looking for:
    * Area where bus system is convenient (comes every 15 min or 30 mins straight to central city)
    * Safe area especially near evening time.
    * Sunny houses where it’s condition isn’t too uncomfortable eg poor insulation, leakage etc…

    Thank you again for your time, very appreciated!

  3. Hi
    I will be arriving back to my home town of Dunedin on or about Aug 15 2013, I have limited funds, and need a place for two persons, Such as a one bed room one bathroom etc. Any where in the Dunedin area would be nice.
    Janice and Les Dyer

  4. Sonia Arena Monistrol says

    Hello I´m Sonia from spain. I would to go to a New Zeiland next year. please I need information to rent a house or a flat in Dunedin for example,
    I want to know how much that it cost for a month. thank you for your time.

    • Hi Sonia,

      Looking at the market rent figures for Dunedin, the minimum amount to rent in Dunedin for a room or a one bedroomed flat would be $200 a week which would work about to be around $850 – $900 a month.

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