Emigration to Wellington

What were your reasons for emigration:

I had taught in a further education college in the UK for 17 years and I was bored, but could not see the point in simply moving to another boring position with all the resultant costs and upheaval. My wife commuted to outer London each day and the journey was killing her, our younger son was due to chose what subjects to undertake at secondary school and we earned two v.good salaries and were still overdrawn because of experiences of living in the SE.

Name: Ian Cridland
Age: 56
Occupation: Teacher
Number Emigrating: 3
Emigrated from: Huntingdon, Cambs
Moved to: Miramar, Wellington
When did you arrive in NZ: September 2001
My Story Written: May 2006
What were your reasons for choosing New Zealand:

We had a holiday (and decided to get married) in 2000 and had such a wonderful time. Great weather, people, food, wine, scenery, cost of living, Englishness of everything! We made our mind up (completely out of the blue) to come and live here on the plane going back to Heathrow! It was the solution to all our problems and we have never regretted it for an instant.

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Miramar, Wellington
What differences have you noticed between your NZ town and your home town:

Wellington is the most vibrant city to live in. Fantastic cafe culture (simply the BEST fresh coffee in the world!) So many theatres, cinemas, restaurants/cafes, sports, sailing/water skiing, Huntingdon had none of these. I lived in Bridlington for the first 34 years of my life, never missed it since I left it, Huntingdon for the next 18 years, never missed it for a second having left it as well. Wellington however is somewhere I am so passionate about, I am as the slogon says-“Absolutely, positively, Wellington”.

Yes, Wellington can be windy, very windy, but it can be stunningly beautiful each day because of its surrounding mountains and its awesome harbour with its beaches.

What do you like best about New Zealand:

Quality of life, cost of living, wine and food, unstressed (compared to UK).

What don’t you like about New Zealand:

Difficult this one, I genuinely can’t think of anything serious enough to mention!

What do you miss from your home country:

I was going to say Terry Wogan, but you listen to him via the internet, so that doesn’t count, Nescafe Blend 37 instant coffee (instant coffee here is bad!) That’s it!

How easily did you find work in New Zealand:

I got my current teaching job in a Private Teriary Organisation 1x week after starting to seriously look, my wife got hers 2 weeks and 3x job offers later.

How does your working life in New Zealand compare with your previous work experiences:

Education in NZ is about 5 years behind the UK now. It was about 10 years behind when I arrived. Teaching was like it was when I enjoyed the job in the UK. It is going slowly along the same pathway but with less vigour due to cost restraints and a general “not so much leftyism as in education UK”. I work 8.30 till 5.00, never take work home, am valued for my experience and knowledge, my smallest class is 8 and my largest class is 30.

What is your daily commute time:

20 mins.

How does your standard of living in New Zealand compare with your previous country:

Living in Wellington, our cost of living is high compared to anywhere 30 mins outside the city. NZ housing is not as insulated or efficient as UK, but is amazingly diverse and getting better all the time. That said we have a great house which could be better, but we love all the same. We love living in this city and are prepared to pay more for the privilege.

How does your quality of life now compare with your previous country:

Our quality of life is HUGELY improved over the UK life we had. We have been here now for nearly 5 years and have no real desire to even go back for a visit/holiday. There is too much to see and do in the southern hemisphere for that!

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