The ENZ Quick Quiz 1

The Quiz

Has your research turned you into a New Zealand expert yet? Test yourself with ENZ’s Quick Quiz No. 1.

1. The city directly opposite Auckland on the other side of Earth is:

A. Paris, France

B. Seville, Spain

C. London, UK

D. Rome, Italy

2. Wellington is known as a windy city. Which major centre is the next windiest?

A. Palmerston North

B. Napier

C. Tauranga

D. Dunedin

3. Ranking countries in order of
“most McDonald’s restaurants per head of population” New Zealand lies:

A. First

B. Second

C. Tenth

D. Thirtieth

4. New Zealand exports large quantities of primary products to the rest of the world. Its biggest export sector is:

A. Meat

B. Seafood

C. Dairy

D. Forestry

5. Wellington became New Zealand’s capital city in 1865. Before that, the capital was:

A. Dunedin

B. Christchurch

C. Auckland

D. Russell

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