The ENZ Quick Quiz 2

The Second New Zealand Quiz

Has your research turned you into a New Zealand expert yet?

1. New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere. In New Zealand the sun:

A. Rises in the West

B. Rises in the East

C. Rises in the North

D. Rises in the South

2. When Australia plays England at rugby, most but by no means all New Zealanders:

A. Want Australia to win

B. Want England to win

C. Want a draw

D. Have no preference

3. A tricky one: in 1973, the number of unemployed New Zealanders was:

A. Two thousand

B. Twenty thousand

C. One hundred thousand

D. Three hundred thousand

4. What proportion of New Zealand’s households does not own a motor vehicle?

A. About 1%

B. About 5%

C. About 10%

D. About 20%

5. Which of these New Zealand locations has the highest population?

A. Dunedin

B. Hamilton

C. Napier

D. Nelson

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