The ENZ Quick Quiz 3

1. The city of Christchurch was named after:

A. The town of Christchurch in Ayrshire, Scotland.

B. The town of Christchurch in Dorset, England.

C. Christ Church College, Oxford University.

D. Christ Church College, Cambridge University.

2. Dunedin is Gaelic for Edinburgh. Before it was called Dunedin, the settlement was called:

A. New Edinburgh

B. Nova Scotia

C. Dundee

D. Dunroamin

3. The mozzarella cheese for the worldwide chain of Pizza Huts comes from:

A. The Naples region of Italy.

B. The Taranaki region of New Zealand.

C. The Tuscany region of Italy.

D. The Southland region of New Zealand.

4. The town that holds the record for the most sunshine hours in one year in New Zealand is:

A. Blenheim, South Island

B. Napier, North Island

C. Tauranga, North Island

D. Nelson, South Island

5. Archey’s frog in unique to New Zealand. It is unusual because:

A. It is edible, with a similar taste to pork.

B. It lives in the sea.

C. The eggs turn into frogs, not tadpoles.

D. It has a thin tail, about half the length of its body.

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