NZ Immigration Expressions of Interest

In 2012’s twenty-first draw, 591 applications representing 1,207 people were selected.


The NZIS has published the October 17 figures for successful Expressions of Interest in the Skilled Migrant Category.

This was the twenty-first draw of 2012.

A total of 591 Expressions of Interest – representing 1,207 people – were selected.

These applicants will now undergo preliminary checks to decide whether an invitation to apply for residency will be issued.

485 out of the 1,207 applications were from people who already have job offers or a job.

EOIs were selected as follows:

  • 485 EOIs were selected that had a points total of 140 or more;
  • 106 EOIs were selected that had a points total of 100 or more but less than 140, and included points for offers of skilled employment or current skilled employment in New Zealand.

1,238 Expressions of Interest (EOIs) remain in the pool following the selection. While these EOIs satisfied the general requirements for NZ immigration, they did not meet the selection criteria applied on this occasion. They may potentially be selected in a future draw.

The 10 countries most people were selected from:

CountrySelected EOI’s
South Africa5.1%
South Korea3.2%
Other Countries25%

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