Quarantine Facilities for Cats and Dogs

New Zealand has four MPI approved quarantine facilities for domestic cats and dogs

A permit to import will NOT be issued unless the importer has a letter from a quarantine facility stating that a space has been booked for the animal. This quarantine booking confirmation should be sent with your import permit application.

All pets require a minimum of 10 days quarantine except those coming from Australia. Pets must be quarantined at a MPI approved facility. MPI is unable to offer exemptions from this requirement.

For all enquiries relating to the costs involved with quarantine and the conditions of quarantine (feeding, visitation rights etc) the operator of the facility should be contacted directly.

The following facilities are MPI approved to quarantine both cats and dogs

Pethaven Quarantine Services

71a Homestead Road
RD1 Pokeno
New Zealand

Proprietor: Mrs. Robyn van den Brink
Ph +64 9 233 6301
Fax +64 9 233 6302
E-mail pethaven@xtra.co.nz
Website: pethavenkennels.co.nz

Qualified Pet Services

150 Airfield Road
New Zealand

Proprietor: Vicky and John Lee
Ph +64 9 299 9539
Fax +64 9 299 9539
E-mail qualifiedpetservices@gmail.com
Website: qualifiedpet.co.nz

Canterbury Quarantine Services Ltd

Highfield Road
PO Box 23158
New Zealand

Proprietors: Mark and Karen Bayliss
Ph +64 3 318 1279
Fax +64 3 318 1289
Email: wumba@xtra.co.nz
Website: canterburyquarantine.co.nz

Shado-Lans Quarantine Facility

773 State Highway One
R D 31
New Zealand

Proprietor: Denise and John Clark
Ph +64 6 362 6184
Fax +64 6 362 6185
Email: shado-lans@xtra.co.nz
Website: shado-lans.co.nz

Page last updated: 06 June 2016

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